How to Check for SLAT Capable CPU

As you might have known SLAT (Second Level Address Translation) is required for Hyper-V virtualization, but how do you check if your CPU is SLAT capable?

If you are using Windows, it is fairly easy to check. Check out the steps:

  1. Go to My Computer, right click, select Properties.
  2. Check out System –> Processor. Take note of the processor that you have.
    System Information
    How it looks like

  3. INTEL
    If you have an Intel based processor, visit Intel ARK and look up for your CPU. As of example above, my CPU specification is shown here.
    If you have an AMD based processor, visit their desktop CPU page for desktop processor and notebook CPU page for notebook processor Look up for your CPU. 

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  4. INTEL
    Then, look for Intel® VT-x with Extended Page Tables (EPT). If it is written Yes means your CPU is SLAT capable.
    Then look for AMD Virtualization Technology. If it is written Yes means your CPU is SLAT capable.

There you go, now you are 1 step closer in getting your own virtualized environment. 🙂

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