“Create Unit Tests…” Function Not Available Or Disabled

If you followed my two blog posts previously (Create Unit Tests Workaround and Solution), you may found out at some point of time, the function of “Create Unit Tests” wizard is disabled on your next attempt to launch the Create Unit Tests wizard.

The following issues were encountered:

  1. When you used Keyboard Shortcut workaround, the Create Unit Tests Wizard does not appear.
  2. You may receive the following error while using the Command Window workaround:
    Command "EditorContextMenus.CodeWindow.CreateUnitTests" is not available.

    Command "EditorContextMenus.CodeWindow.CreateUnitTests" is not available.
    Command “EditorContextMenus.CodeWindow.CreateUnitTests” is not available.
  3.  Right-Click “Create Unit Tests…” menu is disabled or grayed out when you use either solutions.

    "Create Unit Tests..." menu disabled
    “Create Unit Tests…” menu disabled

This is a known issue and the below solution will solve the problem.


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