Custom Activities not showing in VS2012 Toolbox

Situation: I created a Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) application using custom Workflow activities. I compiled the project and found out that my toolbox are not showing the custom workflow activities despite re-building, re-adding the reference to the project.

This is how it looks like in my solution.

See ma! No custom workflow activities!
Look ma! No custom workflow activities!

Gandalf: Thou shall not pass!

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“GatherAllFilesToPublish” Error in Upgraded VS2012 Projects

If you happen to encounter the following error “The target “GatherAllFilesToPublish” does not exist in the project.” while publishing your project to local filesystem after upgrading Visual Studio 2010 projects to Visual Studio 2012, it is most likely an issue due to the upgrade process.

Error: The target "GatherAllFilesToPublish" does not exist in the project.
Error: The target “GatherAllFilesToPublish” does not exist in the project.

While in TFS environment, a comparison is made between the csproj files. It seems that the following missing lines caused the issue:

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Find Missing Identity Numbers in MS SQL Server

While I was doing some support cases, I realized that there might be some rows missing from the database for a particular day. So, I took some time off to confirm that indeed there was missing rows from database before I submit a request to DBA to restore the database.

Example: I will try to retrieve missing rows for the date 2013-03-19.

I did the following query to confirm if there was indeed missing rows:

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