Managing List of MSSQL Servers via SSMS in 5 Simple Steps

It is really a hassle to manage a list of Microsoft SQL Servers (MSSQL Server) via Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) especially when it requires you to manage multiple database connections.

I admit that one of the grave mistake that I did was to use the Server name dropdown list in the Connect to Server dialog box to select the database that I wish to connect as highlighted below:

Drop down list in SSMS
If you use this dropdown list, I wish you best of luck!

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Changing Visual Studio 2013 Menu Bar to Title Case

In Visual Studio 2013, it inherits the All Caps menu bar, similar to the ones you saw in Visual Studio 2012. I do find it annoying at times as it seems to be shouting at me.

Visual Studio 2013 menu bar with all upper case.
Visual Studio 2013 menu bar with all upper case.

In this post, I would like to share with you the steps to change the menu bar from all UPPER CASE to Title Case.

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Simulate WCF Call using WCF Test Client

Often not, you have a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service ready for call but do not have a ready service controller or UI to execute testing on it.

Scenario: While I was working on developing front-end of the system that calls a fully developed back-end UI, my software tester requested for assistance in testing the back-end service. (Back then, it was a parallel ongoing work where once software developer completed the back-end service, software developer will proceed with front-end while software tester will do testing on the back-end service)

In order to solve this issue, you just need to run WCF Test Client.

Method 1: Command Prompt

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