LAMP Stack on Microsoft Azure With Bitnami

About a year ago, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadela shared a slide claiming that “Microsoft ❤ Linux”. As of today, Microsoft is working hard with Linux and open source and most likely will stay that way for now.

Microsoft Love Linux
Microsoft Love Linux

This post will share on how to deploy LAMP; short for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP to Microsoft Azure using Bitnami.


  1. Azure Account. (Sign up for FREE Trial Here)
  2. Putty. (Not required if you are on Linux or Mac)

First, login to Azure Portal. You will be greeted with a nice portal.

Azure Portal
Azure Portal

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Carrier Parcel Tracker

I have just developed a web application that tracks parcels from different courier and carrier services.


  1. One stop tracking service.
  2. Works with all browsers including mobile.
  3. Running on Windows Azure.

Accepted Carrier Services

  • GDExpress
  • Pos Laju
  • Pos Express
  • Skynet
  • FedEx

Do visit for a test run.

Sample Tracking No:

  • GDExpress – 4395549093, 4380562631
  • Pos Laju – EF297922575MY, EF422542110MY, EG384080437MY
  • Skynet – 12110592605, 23872105182
  • FedEx – 610201005619, 610199814758

Appreciate if you could share your feedback.